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- Jun 05, 2018 -

cientists have discovered the world's smallest lizard by using biological equipment such as a microscope, foreign media reported. The tiny lizard, which is said to be only 2.5cm from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail, cannot be spotted without the help of scientific instruments.

Will burrard-lucas, a British wildlife photographer, said the tiny, discolored lizard was so small that it still had room to spare even under its fingernails. Brad Lucas and his brother matt were reported to have accidentally spotted the tiny chameleon over lunch. Brookesia lizards are good at hiding between the leaves, but they can't escape the photographer's camera. From London, 27, Lucas said: "it is difficult to the observed, its shape is very small, usually we will completely lost sight of its existence, but the local guide Anton Mr Know their home location. We were having lunch when we found it hidden under a pile of leaves. He would pretend to be dead when he was in danger, so we could put him carefully under matt's fingernails. This is a full-sized adult lizard, and you can imagine how small its juvenile experience is.

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