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High Precision Motorized High-Load Vertical Stages

High Precision Motorized High-Load Vertical Stages

Item Number: PT-GD404, Travel Range: 10 mm

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    Structure Specifications

    1   Item Number: PT-GD404

    2   Travel Range: 10 mm

    3   Dimension of Platform: 50mm x 74mm

    4   Drive Mechanism: Grinding Screw

    5   Travel Guide: Crossed- Roller Bearing

    6   Stepper Motor (1.8°): SST42D2121 - Stepping Motor with 2-Phases & 1.8° of Step Angle

    7   Material – Finish: Aluminum Alloy - Black-Anodized

    8   Load Capacity: 10kg

    9   Weight: 1.5kg

    Accuracy Specifications

    1   Minimum Adjust Distance: 5μm Non-MS Driver; 0.25μm/Pulse, 20MS Driver

    2   Max Velocity: 5mm/sec

    3   Repeatability: 7μm

    4   Backlash: 4μm

    5   Lost Motion: 3μ



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