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High Performance Motorized Linear Stages

High Performance Motorized Linear Stages

Platform:60x70mm Travel Range:±15mm Competitive commodity PDV offers high precision electric platform, high precision manual platform, optical plate, microscope bracket, long working distance objective, microscope lighting source, optical bench products for laboratory light path building. we will provide excellent service and competitive price for you, we are expecting become your long-term partner in China. Product features New construction ,new technology; The key index has up to the international level of the similar products by strictly inspection ; Professional R & D team to meet your individual needs.

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    Product features:
    The ZD-KZ series motion controller independently developed by the company can realize automatic control.

    The product structure is small and light, suitable for light load, low speed and scientific test.

    High quality precision grinding screw drive, small lead, the same fine fraction can achieve high resolution.

    The design of the design of the smart blanking back nut can minimize the clearance of the grinding screw.

    It adopts cross roller guide rail, comfortable movement, and has the function of adjusting the prestressing force and eliminating clearance, and can be used in multi-dimensional combination.

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